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2023 Calendar List View

For dates and deadlines not found on the Academic Calendar, please review information found in the Undergraduate Catalog: 2022-2023 and 2023-2024.

January 2, 2023New Year's Holiday
January 7, 2023New Student Orientation
January 9, 2023Start of Classes (1st day)
January 16, 2023Martin Luther King Jr Day
January 17, 2023Add/Drop Deadline (Full Semester & 1st Term)
February 13, 20231st Term Withdraw Deadline
February 20, 2023Presidents Day
February 21, 2023Monday Instruction
March 1, 2023Last Day of 1st Term
March 2, 2023First Day of 2nd Term
March 9, 20232nd Term Add/Drop Deadline
March 17, 2023No Classes
March 22, 2023Withdraw Deadline (Full Semester)
March 30, 2023Instructor Ratings (Ends on Exam Prep Day)
April 6, 2023Discontinuance Deadline
April 6, 20232nd Term Withdraw Deadline
April 19, 2023Last Day of Class
April 20, 2023Exam Preparation Day
Apr 21 to Apr 26, 2023Final Exam Day
April 27, 2023Commencement
Apr 27 to Apr 28, 2023Convocations
May 1, 2023New Student Orientation
May 2, 2023Winter Semester Grades Due
May 2, 2023Start of Classes (1st day)
May 4, 2023Winter Semester Grades Online
May 9, 2023Add/Drop Deadline (Full Semester & 1st Term)
May 29, 2023Memorial Day
June 3, 2023Instructor Ratings (Ends on Exam Prep Day)
June 6, 2023Discontinuance Deadline
June 6, 2023Spring Term Withdraw Deadline
June 19, 2023Juneteenth
June 20, 2023Monday Instruction
June 20, 2023Last Day of Class
June 20, 2023Withdraw Deadline (Full Semester)
June 21, 2023Exam Preparation Day
Jun 22 to Jun 23, 2023Final Exam Day
Jun 23 to Jun 24, 2023New Student Orientation
June 26, 2023Start of Classes (1st day)
June 29, 2023Spring Term Grades Due
July 3, 2023Add/Drop Deadline
July 3, 2023Spring Term Grades Online
July 4, 2023Independence Day
July 24, 2023Pioneer Day
August 1, 2023Discontinuance Deadline
August 1, 2023Summer Term Withdraw Deadline
August 14, 2023Last Day of Class
August 15, 2023Exam Preparation Day
Aug 16 to Aug 17, 2023Final Exam Day
Aug 21 to Aug 25, 2023Education Week
August 23, 2023Summer Term Grades Due
August 25, 2023Summer Term Grades Online
Aug 28 to Aug 30, 2023University Conference
Aug 31 to Sep 2, 2023New Student Orientation
September 4, 2023Labor Day
September 5, 2023Start of Classes
September 12, 2023Add/Drop Deadline (Full Semester & 1st Term)
October 9, 20231st Term Withdraw Deadline
October 24, 2023Last Day of 1st Term
October 25, 2023First Day of 2nd Term
November 1, 20232nd Term Add/Drop Deadline
November 21, 2023Friday Instruction
November 22, 2023No Classes
November 23, 2023Thanksgiving
November 24, 2023Thanksgiving Holiday
December 1, 2023Withdraw Deadline
December 14, 2023Last Day of Class
December 15, 2023Exam Preparation Day
Dec 16 to Dec 21, 2023Final Exam Day
December 22, 2023Christmas Holiday
December 25, 2023Christmas Holiday
December 29, 2023Fall Semester Grades Due
January 1, 2024New Years Holiday
January 3, 2024Fall Semester Grades Online